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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are specifically manufactured to optimise traction and handling on snow and slush on UK roads during winters. These units feature a unique tread design that enhances grip and reduces the chances of hydroplaning on icy roads.

Are you looking to buy winter tyres Congleton ?

Then look no further and come to your Pit Stop Auto Centre. We are one of the reputed tyre retailers in this region, owing to our massive collection of winter tyres Congleton from leading premium, mid-range and budget brands.

For more information on pricing and to book an appointment for tyre fitment, please have a good look at our website, give us a call on 01260 299660 or come to see us at our workshop.

    What makes winter car tyres Congleton special?

    During winters, summer tyres harden when the temperatures drop below 7-degrees Celsius. This makes vehicle handling (including braking) very difficult and the tyres also develop cracks when driving under cold wintery conditions. Such tyres fail to offer the much-needed grip and traction, therefore affecting manoeuvrability and steering performance.

    Hence, for optimum driving comfort and safety during the harshest part of the year, we recommend mounting winter tyres.

    Mentioned below are the key features of these units, which set them apart from standard car tyres.

  • Soft rubber blends
  • A softer silica-enriched rubber compound in these variants retains its flexibility even in lower temperatures. Thus, these units offer excellent traction on snow and slush.

  • Deeper treads
  • winter tyres Congleton feature a unique and deeper tread design, which provides optimum grip on snowy roads.

  • Additional sipes
  • For added grip, winter-specific units are designed with additional sipes and a large number of biting edges. This design also helps in water displacement for added safety during winters by reducing the risks of aquaplaning.

    What brands do we retail at Pit Stop Auto Centre?

    You will find one of the most comprehensive collections of winter-specific tyres for all car makes and models at our facility. Products at our shelves are selected after carefully evaluating the changing customer requirements so that our clients can find exactly what they are looking for every time they walk through our doors.

    Some of the brands that we retail include:

    • Continental Tyres
    • Bridgestone Tyres
    • Michelin Tyres
    • Pirelli Tyres
    • BF Goodrich Tyres
    • General Tyres
    • Landsail Tyres
    • Toyo Tyres, etc.

    Our inventory comprises premium, mid-range and budget brands alike to meet the requirements of all our customers. So, you can end your “tyres near me” searches and drive down to our facility to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

    Visit us

    To know more about our range of automobile parts and accessories or to check out our inventory of winter tyres Congleton first-hand, drive down to our garage at 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS.

    You can also check out our inventory online and book your preferred units.

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