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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Accurate wheel balancing plays a crucial role in your car’s overall performance and your driving experience. Unbalanced wheels will cause you considerable discomfort while driving and diminish fuel economy as well.

Hence, experts recommend to avail of wheel balancing Congleton every 5000-6000 miles to continue receiving optimal performance.

Pit Stop Auto Centre is a professional wheel balancing garage Congleton. Our facility has the latest equipment and a team of experts which is well-versed with the process. Additionally, we perform wheel balancing as a standard check when you install a set of new tyres or wheels on your car at our workshop.

    Tell-tale symptoms of unbalanced car wheels

    Faulty wheel balance is a root cause of many short-term and lingering issues in your vehicle. These issues include:

  • Steering wheel vibrations: If you feel any unusual steering wheel vibration while you are driving, it can be a symptom of unbalanced wheels. Difficulty in maintaining a steady straightforward motion is another symptom and must be addressed at the earliest.
  • Decreased fuel economy: Unbalanced wheels also put additional stress on your car engine. As a result, it consumes more fuel than usual, which results in lower fuel efficiency.
  • Moreover, unbalanced wheels increase braking distances, making your car vulnerable to on-road mishaps in challenging conditions.

  • Uneven tread wear: Unbalanced wheels also reduce your car tyres’ surface contact area. This causes uneven and accelerated tread wear. If you notice such uneven tyre wear, it is in your best interest to visit a professional car wheel balancing garage Congleton.
  • Compromised vehicle control: Vibrating steering wheel coupled with uneven tyre wear contribute to unsafe driving conditions. Control and steering precision are compromised as well.
  • Why is wheel balancing necessary?

    Professional wheel balancing ensures that the combined weight of your vehicle’s wheel and tyre assembly is appropriately redistributed. This makes sure that the wheels rotate uniformly even at high speeds, without causing bounces or any uneven motion in the car. Some other benefits of wheel balancing Congleton are stated below:

    • To optimise fuel efficiency
    • To enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience
    • Uncompromised vehicle stability and control
    • Longer tyre service life

    Causes of wheel imbalance

    A number of reasons cumulatively result in improper wheel balance. Some of these are:

    • Faulty tyre pressure
    • Improper tyre fitting
    • Manufacturing defects in wheels and tyres
    • Poor road conditions

    How can Pit Stop Auto Centre help?

    If you are wondering how we provide precise wheel balancing services Congleton, here is a list of the process fragments which we follow to balance your car wheels.

  • We first mount the wheel on our advanced wheel balancing machine
  • Next, we spin the wheel at a high speed to detect the areas of weight imbalance
  • Our experts then attach environment-friendly counterweights at the appropriate areas of the wheel for accurate balancing
  • Visit us

    If you are looking for an affordable car wheel balancing garage Congleton, visit us at 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS.

    Hence, you can now stop searching for a “wheel balancing garage near me.”

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