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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Accurate wheel alignment plays an important role in offering a safe and comfortable driving experience. Faulty wheel alignment can lead to reduced tyre service life and poor steering control and handling ability. As a result, it poses a considerable threat to your safety and increases the risk of accidents as well.

For accurate and affordable wheel alignment Congleton, you must opt for a professional car service garage like Pit Stop Auto Centre. Our experts are familiar with all the latest techniques and use state-of-the-art alignment technology to adjust your vehicle’s wheels properly as per manufacturer specifications.

    What is wheel alignment? Why is it important?

    Wheel alignment refers to the procedure of adjusting the angles of your car wheels as per factory measurements. This ensures optimum surface contact of the tyres and enables you to have a comfortable driving experience.

    Primarily, manufacturers recommend a periodic alignment check every 5000-6000 miles to be on the safer side.

    How can we help?

    When you avail of wheel alignment checks from our facility, our experts thoroughly inspect and adjust the following angles:

  • Camber: This refers to the outward or inward tilt of the car wheels when you see if from the front.
  • Caster: It is the slope of the steering axis. It plays an important role in helping your car move forward in a straight line. Misaligned caster angles are detrimental to your driving safety.
  • Toe: This refers to the angle of the wheels towards or away from the centre-line when seen from a bird’s-eye view. This is instrumental for optimum vehicle control and also improves cornering precision.
  • Symptoms of misaligned wheels

  • Uneven tyre wear: Due to faulty alignment of the wheels, the tyres are not wearing as evenly as they should. This is a major cause of reduced tyre service life.
  • Vibrating steering wheel: A vibrating steering wheel or unusual vibrations in the floorboards are a tell-tale sign of misaligned wheels. So, if you feel any unusual vibrations while driving or face difficulty in steering your vehicle, it is time to opt for our professional wheel alignment Congleton.
  • Car drifts to either side: If your car is veering off to either side even while trying to maintain a straightforward motion, it is a chronic symptom of misaligned wheels.
  • Off-centre steering wheel: If your vehicle’s steering wheel does not return to its original position after taking a turn, you should immediately search for “wheel alignment services near me.”
  • Else, you can call Pit Stop Auto Centre for professional and precise wheel alignment Congleton.

    You can also directly drive down to 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS during business hours and avail of accurate wheel alignment Congleton. from our experienced and skilled team.

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