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    Distinguished in the tyre industry as a ‘rain expert’, Uniroyal combines innovation and technology to offer matchless tyres. So, if you are currently on the lookout for Uniroyal tyres Congleton, consider dropping by us – Pit Stop Auto Centre.

    We are one of the trusted retailers of tyres in Cheshire. With us, you can purchase your preferred units online through our website. Or, you can visit us, check out our inventory and buy Uniroyal tyres Congleton.

    Take a look at some of our top selling Uniroyal car tyres Congleton.

    Summer tyres

  • RainSport 5
  • RainSport 5 is a new addition to Uniroyal’s range of summer units. It stands out as a high-quality yet cost-effective summer tyre. This unit offers superior control and steering response for safe driving in dry and wet conditions alongside an extended tyre life.

  • RainExpert 3
  • This is a summer car tyre that incorporates Uniroyal’s renowned ‘Shark Skin Technology’. Therefore, its optimised tread design provides higher mileage, lowers noise as well as the risk of aquaplaning.

    Winter tyres

  • WinterExpert
  • The company’s latest winter tyre, WinterExpert offers increased snow traction performance. Further, it lowers fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance, making this unit a perfect buy when searching for ‘winter tyres near me’.

  • Snow Max 2
  • Snow Max 2 is a smart choice for car owners who desire high performance and value for money from car tyres Congleton. It offers slow tyre wear, enhanced handling, grip and traction on wet and icy roads.

    All-season tyres

  • AllSeasonExpert 2
  • This unit is Uniroyal’s latest addition to its range of all-season car tyres Congleton. It delivers safe driving in wet conditions with superior protection against aquaplaning. Additionally, the AllSeasonExpert 2 offers enhanced traction, control and steering response on both wet and dry roads. These features make this unit a 100% customer recommendation at Pit Stop Auto Centre.

  • AllSeasonMax
  • Another top-notch all-season unit, the AllSeasonMax offers superior aquaplaning resistance, shorter braking distance as well as high wet performance. It is known to deliver matchless directional stability, cornering and handling in all weather conditions.

    Apart from these, we also stock a massive range of 4x4, performance and run-flat tyres in our inventory.

    Visit us

    If you are planning to buy Uniroyal tyres Congleton, we suggest you head over to our garage. You will find us at 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS.

    For more details, feel free to place a call on 01260 299660.

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