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    Nexen has been contributing to the pneumatic tyre industry since 1942. The South Korean brand continues to induce cutting-edge technology in its tyres, backed by its history of manufacturing top-notch units for versatile performance and durability.

    At Pit Stop Auto Centre, customers show an affinity towards Nexen tyres when looking for quality and affordable “tyres near me”.

    We house a comprehensive range of Nexen car tyres Congleton to successfully serve a broader customer base.

    Which Nexen car tyres do we store?

    Summer Tyres

    Manufactured with hard rubber compounds to provide enhanced grip and low rolling resistance, these are an ideal set of tyres that also offer improved fuel economy. Our top-sellers include:

  • Eurowin 650
  • N’Blue Eco
  • Winter Tyres

    These units come with high sipe density for rapid water evacuation. Softer rubber compound helps Nexen winter units to maintain stability even in extremely snowy conditions. Deep and asymmetric tread pattern helps your car to handle tricky situations with enhanced traction.

    One of our most popular winter Nexen tyres Congleton is WINGUARD Snow G3.

    All-season Tyres

    Nexen manufactures all-season units with a unique silica-enriched rubber compound which enables improved braking in both dry and wet conditions. These tyres come with a large shoulder block section that helps provide stability and cornering precision in moderate weather conditions.

    The best-selling all-season Nexen car tyres Congleton at our garage are:

  • N FERA SU1
  • N FERA RU1
  • 4x4 Tyres

    If you are in search of affordable 4x4 “tyres near me”, choose from

  • NPriz RH7
  • Roadian GTX
  • Reach us

    You can drop by at our facility and check our inventory for yourself before making your purchase. Else, you can also buy tyres from us online and schedule a fitting appointment at the same time.

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