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Fitting tyres of the manufacturer-recommended size on your vehicle is crucial for improved manoeuvrability and maximum on-road safety. However, car owners often find it difficult to understand tyre size meaning and rely on retailers to find them the perfect tyre size.

Being a professional garage, we, at Pit Stop Auto Centre, believe in informing our customers about all necessary details so that they can buy car tyres Congleton without any hassle.

Decoding tyre sizes

When you buy new car tyres Congleton, you will notice that the tyre size is printed as an alphanumeric code on the sidewall. This code contains all the specifications you will need to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Consider the following example: 225/45 R18 95H

Mentioned below is what each number/letter means on this code:

  • Section width (225): First three numbers define the sidewall to sidewall width of a tyre, measured in millimetres.
  • Aspect ratio (45): Also called profile height, it is the ratio of the sidewall height to section width for this tyre.
  • Construction (R): R, here, stands for radial, which is a common tyre type manufactured in the UK. Cord plies in these units are placed perpendicular to the tyre’s direction of movement for additional strength.
  • Rim diameter (18): This is the bead to bead distance and refers to the wheel's diameter on which this tyre can be installed. It is measured in inches.
  • Load index (95): This refers to the maximum weight each unit can carry. You will find the complete load index chart online. 95, here, means the unit can carry a maximum of 690kgs.
  • Speed index (H): This refers to the maximum permissible speed of the unit. H corresponds to a maximum speed of 130 mph.
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