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If you are looking for properly EU-labelled car tyres Congleton, Pit Stop Auto Centre is your ideal destination. All units stocked in our garage are from the best premium, mid-range and budget manufacturers and have highly rated EU labels, ensuring ultimate driving comfort and safety.

Tyre labelling is a compulsory practice that was mandated by the European Union in the year 2012. The main aim of this regulation was to make car owners aware of tyre safety. Since then, the British government made it mandatory to label all tyres before selling them in the market.

Therefore, being a responsible garage, we always ensure that all units in our garage come with the EU tyre label. We also offer expert assistance to help car-owners understand the importance and implication of these ratings.

Tyre labelling in detail

    Generally, an EU tyre label details the following three performance parameters:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Do you know that tyres account for about 20% of a car’s fuel consumption?

    Hence, you should always opt for fuel-efficient tyres that can reduce expenses as well as environmental pollution.

    To estimate fuel efficiency of tyres, EU rates the units from A to G and also colour-codes these ratings for better understanding. For example, an A-rated tyre with green colour indicates the best fuel efficiency whereas, a G rated tyre with red colour indicates poor fuel efficiency.

  • Wet grip
  • Wet grip rating is important to understand a tyre’s braking performance on wet roads. To estimate the wet grip performance, EU rates the tyres from A to G. The stopping distance after braking between each of the ratings varies by 2.5 meters. Hence, the lesser the stopping distance, the better will be the wet grip rating.

  • Noise emission
  • This rating is depicted with the help of 3 wave bars.

    If a unit has 1 wave bar, it indicates that the tyre is highly noise efficient and meets the required noise limit of 3dB. If a tyre has 2 wave bars, it indicates that the unit meets the current required limit but may fail future regulations. On the other hand, if a particular unit has 3 wave bars, it indicates that the tyre fails to meet the required noise limit standards set by EU.

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