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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?


The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) in your vehicle warns you about potentially unsafe driving conditions by relaying tyre pressure data in real-time. Low tyre pressure directly effects manoeuvrability and increases the rolling resistance, causing the car to drag.

If you see the TPMS indicator blinking on your car’s dashboard, or detects any indication of dropping tyre pressure, please get in touch with our experts.

Pit Stop Auto Centre is one of the most reliable names for top-quality TPMS servicing Congleton.

Our experts conduct thorough TPMS inspection using the latest diagnostic equipment to find any damage at the earliest. If needed, we will conduct affordable TPMS sensor replacement Congleton.

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How does the TPMS work?

All cars manufactured post-2008 come with TPMS. Depending on the vehicle make and model, TPMS sensors installed in a car alerts the driver about tyre pressure changes. These sensor valves continuously monitor the tyre pressure and relay the information to your vehicle’s ECU.

When the tyre pressure drops 25% below the recommended range, the TPMS warning light gets triggered on the dashboard.

How often you need TPMS sensor replacement Congleton?

Just like any other vehicular component, the TPMS sensor is also prone to wear and tear. Several factors, like physical impact, extremes of temperatures and vibrations and corrosion, can lead to this sensor recording incorrect tyre pressure data. This can severely compromise your driving safety.

Also, the sensor’s dedicated battery might get damaged much before its service life ends. Under such circumstances, you need to replace the entire unit as the battery cannot be removed separately.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you opt for a TPMS sensor replacement Congleton once every 5 years or 100,000 miles.

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Since an intricate system like TPMS must be handled only by skilled technicians, you should only trust a reputed garage offering professional-grade automobile spares and services.

If you live in or around Cheshire, Pit Stop Auto Centre is your one-stop destination. We provide prompt and efficient TPMS servicing and sensor replacement in minimum turnaround time.

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