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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


The rising temperature in summers is directly related to poor vehicle health and performance. Car components, including batteries, engine, brakes, AC, etc. come under a lot of stress during the summer months. Hence, to ensure optimal functioning of these units, a proper summer check is of utmost importance.

At Pit Stop Auto Centre, we provide a thorough summer check that includes checking various car components, and providing any necessary repairs and replacements (we will certainly issue an accurate estimate first so you can make an informed decision).

    Summer car service at Pit Stop Auto Centre

  • Battery
  • During our car summer check Congleton, we check the internal components of battery including casing, terminals, and battery wires and ensure if they are in perfect working condition. If our experts find that the battery is quite old and may not function properly in the warmer climate of the UK, they will recommend a battery replacement accordingly.

  • Tyres and tyre pressure
  • As per the UK law, tyres should have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. During summer vehicle services Congleton, our experts will also check for damages to your car tyres and guide you if new tyres need to be installed.

    Also, we check tyre pressure to ensure it is as per the manufacturer specifications.

  • Oil level
  • A proportionate oil level in a vehicle’s engine is imperative to ensure its proper functioning. We run a dipstick check and top up the oil as per the requirement.

  • Air conditioning
  • Our technicians inspect all the key AC components, including compressor, condenser and evaporator, and also refill the refrigerant if required.

    Apart from these checks, and quite a few others, we also inspect the following components:

    • Exterior and interior lights
    • Coolant, etc.

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