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Pit Stop Auto Centre is a reliable retailer to buy run flat tyres Congleton. Our garage has an exhaustive collection of run-flat tyres from leading premium manufacturers, like Continental, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Pirelli, etc. Besides these, we also stock products from popular mid-range and budget brands.

We retail units for most rim-sizes and for various utility purposes. Therefore, we can cater to all customer requirements.

What is a run-flat tyre?

Run-flat tyres are a product of ingenious innovation which allows one to continue driving even after a puncture at a limited speed. These units feature a unique sidewall construction that effectively carries the weight of the car even after a loss of air pressure in the tyres.

    However, you must install run-flats (RFTs) only on those vehicles that have TPMS sensors. Moreover, these units are not fit for safe repairs; you must always replace damaged run-flat tyres.

    What are the benefits of run-flat tyres Congleton?

    You do not need to change punctured tyres on a roadside in unfavourable circumstances.

    The robust sidewall construction of run-flat tyres offers stability and do not compromise car handling experience even after a flat.

    You can safely drive up to 50 miles at a limited speed of approximately 50 mph after a puncture. It prevents the hassle of carrying extra tyres in the vehicle.

    What are the types of run-flat technologies?

  • Self-Supporting System
  • These run-flat units have reinforced sidewalls. Extra layers of rubber are embedded in the sidewalls, which effectively carry the weight of the vehicle after a flat.

  • Support Ring System
  • Units constructed with the Support Ring System have a hard rubber ring embedded in the sidewalls.

    Therefore, when the tyre gets punctured, it prevents the unit from falling out of the rim and helps maintain the structural integrity.

    Listed below are some of our top-selling run-flat tyres:

    • Pirelli Cinturato P7
    • Continental SSR
    • Bridgestone DriveGaurd
    • Michelin ZP, etc.

    Apart from these, you will find several other RFTs in our inventory.

    Therefore, with our exhaustive collection, you can now put an end to your searches for run-flat “tyres near me”.

    At Pit Stop Auto Centre, we sell Run flat tyres Congleton both online and on site. You can book your preferred units online 24/7 from our website.

    If you need expert assistance in choosing the best units for your vehicle, please contact us on our provided details.

    Phone number: 01260 299660

    Address: 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS

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