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Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are specifically designed for the segment of sports and super sports cars. These units are capable of delivering optimum handling performance and driving safety even at high speeds, without compromising cornering precision.

Further, Performance tyres dissipate heat faster and offer a noiseless driving experience even when the rev meter is in the red lines.

Pit Stop Auto Centre houses a wide collection of Performance tyres Congleton in various price ranges. Our stock covers all makes and models to cater to a wider customer base looking for “tyres near me” in the performance segment.

    Moreover, our experts can help you if you are in a dilemma about choosing an ideal set of car tyres Congleton.

    What makes performance car tyres Congleton popular?

    A multitude of reasons contributes to the popularity of performance units in Congleton. These tyres have a list of special features which make it a sensible choice among people looking to buy performance car tyres Congleton for enhanced driving comfort and stability.

    The key attributes are as follows:

    Decreased rolling resistance: It plays a crucial role in the braking performance of your vehicle. Uniquely designed tread blocks and premium soft rubber material reduce rolling resistance of your car considerably. It also accounts for a comfortable ride with its reliable performance in both dry and moderately wet conditions.

  • Tread pattern: Highly optimised tread pattern ensures effective water dispersion which help in improving wet grip and offers superior cornering control. Moreover, the pattern ensures proper surface contact area to significantly increase the tyre’s service life.
  • Diminished tyre wear: Advanced groove design and tyre carcass material are highly efficient in heat dispersion. This drastically reduces tyre wear and tear. The deeper groove design also contributes to improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Response: Premium rubber material along with wider shoulder blocks optimise responsiveness. This not only enhances steering control but also lets you manoeuvre your vehicle with ease even at higher speeds.
  • Steering ability: Large tyre centre bands and strong sidewalls help these units to maintain their shape and deliver superior steering precision. High-octane sports car enthusiasts must always opt for units with improved steering precision while buying performance car tyres Congleton.
  • Some of the popular brands we stock in the performance category are:

    • Bridgestone Tyres
    • Pirelli Tyres
    • Continental Tyres
    • BF Goodrich Tyres
    • Michelin Tyres
    • Dunlop Tyres
    • General Tyres
    • Nexen Tyres
    • Toyo Tyres
    • Landsail Tyres, etc.

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