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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?


Many car owners believe they only need to visit a garage when any indicator light blinks on the dashboard. However, the secret to keeping your vehicle running optimally throughout the year is opting for routine car engine diagnostics Congleton. You can avoid expensive repair costs and unwanted breakdowns by ensuring that all vehicle components are in their best condition.

A professional garage like Pit Stop Auto Centre can help you in this regard. We are one of the leading names when it comes to top-notch and reliable vehicle diagnostics Congleton. Our experts are specifically trained to use the latest equipment and diagnose vehicles of all makes and models for any hidden fault.

To book an appointment, call us on 01260 299660.

What do we check during a car diagnostic test Congleton?

It is recommended that you only opt for professional-grade garages like Pit Stop Auto Centre that has certified technicians experienced in conducting vehicle diagnostics. Some of the most common problem areas that we diagnose are:

  • Suspension
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Exhaust
  • Air conditioning
  • Crankshaft
  • Cambelt
  • Fuel injector, etc.

Please note that we also conduct engine diagnostics, which is a part of our comprehensive car diagnostics Congleton.

Why opt for car diagnostic test Congleton?

Earlier, finding an issue with any vehicle component used to be time-consuming and finding a technician with required skills was a challenging task in itself. However, with the advent of automobile technology, modern-day cars are now equipped with on-board diagnostics (OBD). These involve a set of built-in sensors, which monitor the performance of essential components and relay the data to the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Any fault or error in any of the car components can be identified by decoding some DTCs or diagnostic error codes. Our experts use specialised hand-held scanners to read these codes and identify the problem areas.

How often should you opt for car diagnostics Congleton?

As stated earlier, leaving vehicle issues unattended till the dashboard indicator blinks is not recommended. Proactively looking out for any symptom and addressing it early on is the key to optimally functioning vehicle components for a longer duration.

While manufacturers recommend opting for vehicle diagnostic test once a year, there are instances when you will need to drive down to us for diagnostics and servicing quicker than that. Seek professional assistance as soon as you notice an abnormal driving experience, or feel that any component might malfunction.

You must also opt for a diagnostic test before buying a used car. While buying a used car can be an excellent economic decision, both you and the seller should agree to a car diagnostic test Congleton before purchase. This ensures the roadworthiness of the vehicle, reducing the chances of unwanted breakdowns and on-road mishaps.

Are you still searching for “car diagnostics near me”?

Rely on us at Pit Stop Auto Centre. Our dedicated technicians are adept at working with almost all vehicle models available in the UK and will promptly find any hidden issue with your car.

To take a first-hand look at our facility and avail of our services of car engine diagnostics Congleton, drive down to us at 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS.

Our experts will be more than happy to help you out!

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