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Car batteries are crucial components that run a continuous cycle of complex mechanisms and are responsible for a number of vehicular operations. Disruption of the intended function within the battery not only prevents the engine from starting but also causes several car components to malfunction.

At Pit Stop Auto Centre, we provide comprehensive car battery inspections and prompt replacements. Our professionals can efficiently diagnose the underlying causes of battery malfunction.

You can find a massive stock of car battery Congleton at our garage. We have an extensive collection of batteries including those from Bosch, Yuasa, GP Batteries, Varta etc., and our stock includes all types including wet battery, calcium battery, Lithium-ion car battery, VRLA Gel battery, etc.

    Batteries usually come with a lifespan of 3-5 years. However, you might have to opt for a premature car battery replacement Congleton in case of damage.

    Telling signs of a failing car battery

    The problem with batteries is that car owners come to know about an issue only when they actually stop working. Fortunately, batteries do exhibit certain signs that if noticed in due time, can save car owners from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    These include:

  • Slow starting & sluggish engine crank: If you have to wait an extra few seconds for the engine to start or if you hear a sluggish engine crank while starting the vehicle, it may indicate that the battery is failing.
  • Rotten-egg smell: An internal short or damage can lead to leakage of battery fluid. Therefore, if you ever detect a smell similar to that of rotten-egg, the malfunctioning battery is the primary reason behind it.
  • Bloated battery case: If batteries get exposed to extremes of heat and cold, it may cause the battery case to swell, deform and even crack.
  • Dashboard warning light: Blinking battery symbol on the dashboard could point to a number of issues including a loose starter terminal, malfunctioning alternator, or damaged cables. If the warning light remains triggered while driving, this may indicate an issue with the alternator belt (responsible for battery charging). Hence, you should immediately opt for a car battery Congleton from a reliable garage like Pit Stop Auto Centre.
  • Malfunctioning car components: Batteries play a significant role in starting the engine as well as other car parts like power windows, lights, heaters, radio, and dashboard computer. An optimally functioning battery can charge these car parts efficiently. But a failing battery can hardly perform its function and therefore supply less to no power to these units.
  • Apart from these signs, if you notice corroded terminals or hear a clicking sound when turning the ignition key, you must opt for car battery replacement Congleton services.

    Therefore, end your search for “battery repairing services near me” with us at Pit Stop Auto Centre.

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    Also, you can talk to our professionals regarding batteries replacements Congleton. Feel free to call us on 01260 299660.

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