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Are you looking for Air Con refill for your vehicle?


As soon as you notice that your car’s cooling capacity is not up to the mark, you need to visit a professional-grade garage offering air conditioning service Congleton. If you have been on the lookout for one, get in touch with us.

Pit Stop Auto Centre is your go-to destination for top-notch automobile products and services in the Cheshire region. From OE-grade spares to air con gas refill Congleton, we do it all.

To know more about our range of services, give us a call on 01260 299660.

Our approach to air con refill Congleton

Pit Stop Auto Centre is well equipped to refill vehicles with all three types of refrigerants, i.e. R12, R134a, and R1234YF. However, only the latter two can be used in air conditioning service Congleton, as R12 has been banned from use in a vehicle AC system.

The experts at our facility take a three-step approach to air con refill Congleton. Here is a brief overview of the same:

First, the technicians will inspect the AC system for any damage and conduct repairs for minute cracks.

Appropriate replacements will be recommended using OE spares in case we cannot repair some components.

Next, they will check the coolant levels in the system. The old and depleted coolant will be discarded, and the AC system will be topped up with a fresh coolant. Our experts will also adjust the AC pressure to manufacturer specifications.

Finally, the AC coolant is mixed with a fluorescent dye used to detect any leak in the system. If cracks or leaks are found, our technicians will repair them before handing the vehicle back to you.

When to opt for air con refill Congleton?

You need to get in touch with Pit Stop Auto Centre as soon as you come across even one of the following symptoms:

  • Drop in the car’s cooling performance,
  • Excessive time taken to demist windows in winters,
  • Poor fuel efficiency,
  • Visible damage to other parts of the air conditioning system, etc.

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    You will find us at 42 B Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RS. Our experts will be happy to help you out!

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