About Us

Your dependable and trustworthy garage in Congleton, Cheshire. We fulfil the needs of a diverse section of customers by providing them with excellent car services according to their requirements at economical prices.

Since our inception, we have been focusing on continually improving and expanding our services and products, so that customers can be happy and satisfied. We stock and fit tyres from the leaders of the industry and provide repair services to maintain your vehicle.

Our good name and excellent reputation are backed by our team of highly-trained experts and state-of-the-art machines engineered to deliver car services with perfection. We also ensure to stock the latest tyres and fit them for you.


Pit Stop Auto Centre Tyres is an authentic retailer of branded and budget tyres certified by the EU. From seasonal tyres to UHP and terrain-specific tyres to budget categories, we have it all.

Our team can assist you in choosing from diverse categories of tyres.

  • Summer tyres : Constructed with a hard-rubber compound to maintain your car’s grip on dry and wet surfaces. A quality set of tyres also significantly reduce your car’s rolling resistance and help you to save some fuel.
  • Winter tyres : Made with a soft rubber compound, winter tyres come with wider grooves to help you cut through the snow and maintain an effective grip on icy surfaces. Winter tyres expel the water from the tread and prevent any hydroplaning situations.
  • All-season tyres : These tyres are a blend of summer and winter tyres as they assist you in driving on both summer and winter roads under moderate conditions. 
  • Pit Stop Auto Centre Tyres also stocks an extensive collection of 4x4 tyres with reinforced sidewalls for various driving purposes. These tyres are ideal for your SUV, CUV and other 4x4 vehicles.

  • High-performance tyres : High-performance tyres provide you with improved traction and gripping abilities. These tyres are proven to be ideal for dry and uneven road surfaces.
  • Run-flat tyres : These tyres help you drive up to 50 miles even after a puncture has occurred without going flat. In such cases of punctures, you can use these tyres to reach a nearby garage and get the tyre changed safely.

Some of the tyre brands at our garage

  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • Michelin Tyres
  • Pirelli Tyres
  • Yokohama Tyres
  • Nexen Tyres, etc


The DVSA has authorised Pit Stop Auto Centre Tyres to carry out MOT tests. Our customers can conveniently bring their vehicles to us when the test is due. We can certainly also carry out Pre-MOT inspections and, if necessary, any repairs to ensure that the vehicle is functioning properly and passes the test without any issues.

Wheel Alignment

Professionals at our facility utilise modern tools and alignment technology to ensure correct wheel angles. On our website you can find more detailed information about this service.

Car Servicing

Our facility can maintain and provide your car with interim, full and major car servicing. We check your vehicle based upon several factors like exhaust, engine, tyres and 40+ checks, depending on which servicing packet you choose. If any problem is found, our experts will explain it to you so you can decide whether you want us to fix the isue.

Engine Diagnostics

If you notice any problem with your car’s engine or the engine light is showing on your vehicle’s dash board, we can help you. We use advanced computer technology to analyse the errors from your car’s on-board computer. Our experts are well-versed to diagnose your car's issues and will repair it within the best time possible.

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