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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


4X4 tyres are specialised units that improve the performance of your SUVs with optimum handling and stability in both on- and off-road driving conditions. The robust design and load-carrying capacity of these units enable improved responsiveness and performance in different road conditions. Unique silica-enriched rubber compounds and tread pattern of these tyres optimise grip and driving safety.

At Pit Stop Auto Centre, we stock our inventory with a superb collection of 4X4 tyres Congleton from various leading premium, mid-range and budget brands. We sell units both online and offline at our garage.


Types of 4X4 tyres Congleton available at our garage

    We stock the following types of 4X4 tyres in our inventory. Choose a set based on your vehicle and driving requirements. 

  • Highway-terrain (H/T)
  • These units are engineered keeping on-road performance as the priority. You can expect 95% on-road and 5% off-road handling performance and steering stability with these 4X4 tyres Congleton. These units are a perfect fit on larger and heavier SUVs. The directional tread of these products ensures excellent stability on wet and dry roads. The silica-enhanced rubber composition of these tyres ensures grip and optimal handling.

  • Mud-terrain tyres (M/T)
  • Mud-terrain 4X4 tyres ensure traction in tough road conditions, such as mud, rock, grass and slopes. For off-road driving enthusiasts, these units are a perfect choice. The deeper tread with wide grooves provide enhanced handling. The aggressive tread design also enables driving comfort by creating less noise when driving off-road.

  • All-terrain tyres (A/T)
  • These offer a 50-50 performance in on-road and off-road driving conditions. The robust tread pattern ensures traction in different terrains and in any weather condition. It also minimises impact when driving over rocky slopes or uneven roads. 

    Buy 4X4 tyres most suitable for your vehicle

    Take a look at some of the key features that distinguish 4X4 tyres Congleton from other variants.

  • Tread pattern
  • The specialised deeper tread design of these units comprises wider blocks, ensuring steering stability and shorter braking distances. While driving in adverse road conditions, the asymmetric tread pattern ensures optimal handling. Also, the unique tread design and specialised compounds ensure traction and prevent the risks of hydroplaning. 

  • Reinforced sidewalls 
  • Robust and sturdy sidewalls of 4X4 tyres ensure your SUVs with high load-carrying capacities.

  • Strong built
  • The unique rubber composition and construct of these units optimise manoeuvrability and performance on uneven roads and challenging terrains. The thicker tyre carcass offers additional support to the sidewalls, further improving your driving safety. 

    Does your vehicle need new 4X4 tyres Congleton?

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